Recorder(MP3, WAV) - QuickRec for PC

Recorder(MP3, WAV) - QuickRec for PC is one of the popular Android app in Tools category published by shinshow on playstore platform. This app has gained over 1000000+ downloads by Android users with a aggregated rating of 4.031067371368408 in playstore with the content rating of Everyone.

There are a lot of Tools Android apps which offer similar features like Recorder(MP3, WAV) - QuickRec for PC, you may notice some of them are also developed by shinshow.

Recording App, Recorder app is quick and easy with your QuickRec !!
Let it find that when I need a voice recorder.

★ quick and easy recording to attractive applications, voice recorder - the 'QuickRec'.
★ only once - a recorder capable of recording only touch the icon ★. !!!
 << ★ recommended tips: Those who installed the first time (or after the update)★ >>
Interchangeable those settings in the Preferences to record user-specific customized settings optimized
After reading conducted a test recording approximately 10-60 seconds is recommended that you use.

[※ Note: Preferences> SampleRate, BitRate setting]
↓↓ The smaller the value of the stored file size is getting smaller recording quality is also lower. ↓↓
↑↑ value is significantly larger file size and storage are also high-quality recording. ↑↑

But it is also a lot of applications (apps) that function,
Once uncomplicated comfort is a must'll use frequently!

QuickRec is
★ If you set the "Setting Auto Start"
However ~! With only one click app is very nice ^^ recording is completed;

★★For stable recording
Please turn off the power saving mode. !
※ Menus may vary slightly from device.
Settings> Device maintenance>Battery>Unmonitored apps>Add apps

★★★ MP3, WAV recorded files support.

How attractive is uncomplicated while the basics
Now, try recording a fast and easy QuickRec !!

Classes, meetings, music, call (speakerphone is used), etc. If you need to record,
After removing the smartphone QuickRec Write buds ~ Ugh !!! If you run ends.

Storage Location (recording file): SD card /com.shinshow.quickrec/
(※ In the case of the Galaxy series it is stored in the internal memory.)

Improvements or complaints, do not hesitate if you have any errors are reported
Please e-mail will allow you to actively reflect.

For information on the error of complaints
- Handset species: ex) Galaxy S9
- Android version: ex) 8.0
- QuickRec version: ex) v2.12.1r1
- QuickRec setting: ex)Auto Start, WAV, disable AGC ...
- Details: ex) wav recording application on startup Force ended.
Please send the contents of such would be greatly appreciated.

(Please send by e-mail Settings screen to capture the better.)
★ too simple feedback is difficult to measure. (ㅠㅠ) ★

Messages that encourage developers to force the other highly welcome.

★ has opened a cafe for people to communicate with the user. ★
Inquiries, suggestions, know-how hwalyongbeop Own shares (to show off) and it does not matter any more.
Please take advantage of a lot. !!!!

[QuickRec official cafe]

■■■ Features ■■■
> One Touch (One Touch) Record
> Automatic Recording / Storage
> Automatic recording ends (timer function)
> Pause while recording (mp3)
> Record file sharing / sending
> Recording file playback / pause / stop
> Hangul / English / Japanese menu support
> Supported file formats: amr, 3gp, wav, mp3

※ For a long time recording "Recording of the notification (icon) displays" check recommended !!

How to Install Recorder(MP3, WAV) - QuickRec on PC

  • Install Android on your computer by downloading and installing it
  • To access the Play Store, sign in to Google. You can also do it later.
  • In the top-right corner, type Recorder(MP3, WAV) - QuickRec into the search bar
  • Click here to download Recorder(MP3, WAV) - QuickRec from the search results
  • To install Recorder(MP3, WAV) - QuickRec, you will need to sign in to Google (if you skipped step 2).
  • To run Recorder(MP3, WAV) - QuickRec on PC, click the Recorder(MP3, WAV) - QuickRec icon located on your home screen

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